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After 20 years of developing fantasy role-playing games, Bethesda's world famous Elder Scrolls series goes from single player to Online. The Elder Scrolls Online will be released about the same time as World of Warcraft has it's 10 year anniversary. World of Warcraft has sat on top of the MMORPG throne ever since it's release on November 23, 2004. Stron competitors, such as Star Wars The Old Republic, Tera, Aion, Guild Wars, Neverwinter, DC Online  and Lord of the Rings, have not been able to overthrow World of Warcraft. WoW was the first top quality MMORPG that appealed to the masses, and it definitely delivers a very will tested and stable game-world  with a near perfect UI and feel of "another existing world". The quality and creativity for the game-play can however be discussed. Hardcore fans who grind day in and day out, repeating the same dungeons year after year, are probably completely stuck at this job, and won't leave WoW no matter what. However, a lot of people would like better story-driven adventures with less focus on repetitive work, probably won't have a hard time leaving WoW for something more fun. A game is meant to be fun, not feel like a job.

This is hopefully where The Elder Scrolls Online comes in. The Elder Scrolls have a huge and very well thought-out universe, with almost endless possibilities. So far, the series have never failed to bring something new to the RPG genre, despite the genres age. RPG's are one of the oldest adventure genres, and still The Elder Scrolls manages to improve and invent new things. Many attempts on MMORPGs have been made over the years, but most of them haven't really brought anything new to the genre. Minor graphical advantages are just not enough to pull people from a game they have invested a LOT of time in. High quality content and creative game-play development is not easy to come by. Some games, like Tera, actually have made some interesting moves, such as a political system, and a far more interesting combat system compared to WoW. But the lack of story and adventure still leaves the player with the feeling of "just another MMORPG".
If The Elder Scrolls Online, manages to overthrow WoW from the throne of MMORPGs, only time will tell, but if anyone has a chance, this would be it. The Elder Scrolls series are known for interesting and creative stories, in big open worlds. The perfect setting for an MMORGP, with actual interesting game-play. This could be what many MMORPG players have been looking for since 2006, when the WoW world had been explored, and the repetitive raids and battlegrounds took over.

TESO is going to be run on Shardless Megaserver technology. This means one big connected world, instead of a lot of small servers. The server will automatically place the player with friends, guild mates, encountered people and other like-minded players. 

The character development system from Skyrim will continue in TESO. You develop your player through personal choices and skills, instead of locking your player to a certain style, which excludes you from certain skills or items. This system enables a high level of character personalization and uniqueness, plus gives the player the freedom to choose the style matching his/her exact preference. The use of classes will however be re-introduced, but only to determine special abilities.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be pay-to-play. The monthly charge will be at $14.99, with discounts if you buy several months at a time. There will also be an in-game cash shop, which will charge players for miscellaneous services.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set for release in the spring of 2014. While waiting, why not revisit Skyrim? With the mods available today, Skyrim is a completely new game, and cab bring hours of brand new game-play, even if completed long time ago. Modding can be a very time consuming, but the Skyrim Beautification Project can save you all the trouble. Take a look at their site: 

The Elder Scrolls Online - Main Quest:
The player is set to Save Tamriel from enslavement.
The evil machinations of the Daedric Prince from Oblivion, Molag Bal, and his henchman, the Prince of Worms, Mannimarco, are planning to enslave every living soul in Tamriel. They need to be stopped. 
The game is set in the Second Era (2E 583), during a period of time known as the Interregnum, and known for political instability. The Daedric prince, Molag Bal, has taken advantage of this instability to try to pull all of Tamriel into his realm of Coldharbour. Molag Bal is planning to do so by sending "Dark Anchors" into Tamriel. The Fighters Guild have taken it upon themselves to fight them.
The Tharn family, who currently rule Cyrodiil, has made a pact with, Mannimarco, The King of Worms, who has agreed to supplement the Imperial forces by resurrecting their soldiers. Secretly, Mannimarco is conspiring with Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Corruption and Domination, to take over all of Tamriel. Molag Bal is enslaving the souls of mortals. The Hero, known as the Soulless One, is an adventurer whose soul has been taken. This allows him/her to constantly return to life.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Factions:
There will be three major factions. Each faction is made by an alliance between 3 races. The factions are The Daggerfall Covenant, The Ebonheart Pact, and The Aldmeri Dominion.

The Daggerfall Covenant:
The Daggerfall Covenant is an alliance between the three races of northwest Tamriel , united by High King Emeric. They all have one common goal. To take back the Ruby Throne.

The Bretons. Gifted with magic and diplomacy.
The Breton people of High Rock, were once ruled by High Elf overlords. Some Elven blood still runs in their veins, giving them a grasp of magic, distinguishing them from other humans. Passionate and flamboyant, intelligent and resourceful, the Bretons are talented craftsmen, great merchants, cavaliers, and creative wizards. Tales of warfare between the kingdoms of High Rock, account for much of their history, but most Bretons value prosperity over glory.

The Redguards. Supremely athletic and outstanding warriors.
The Redguards of Hammerfell are athletic warriors, born for battle. They are a desert people, as their ancestors came to Tamriel from the lost continent of Yokuda. Their culture is based on ancient traditions and overcoming harsh environments. They prize honor and dignity, and they have a deep reverence for the divine, which make them suspicious to magical. Their capital is the merchant port of Sentinel, but their roots are in the Alik’r Desert. All Redguards must endure a "rite of passage" in the desolate wastes of Alik’r. This is a test of endurance and discipline, ensuring that only the strongest survive.

The Orcs. Stalwart soldiers and talented armorers, making the finest weapons and armor in all of Tamriel. 
The Orcs are often mistaken as being barbarians or even beasts. However, these noble warriors have an ancient culture, forged from endless warfare in their harsh mountain homelands. Orcs live under a simple code of honor, by which the strong survive and the strongest rule. As the greatest smiths in Tamriel, their weapons and armor are known and respected everywhere.

The Ebonheart Pack:
The Ebonheart Pact is sort of a strange alliances. The Nords and Dark Elves have a long history of conflict. The Dark Elves have enslaved the Argonians for years. The Nords and the Argonians are not close friends either, even though they have not been in official conflict.
The Akaviri invasion forged a bond between them, against all odds. The Empire has become a mutual enemy, as all three races fiercely insist on having their own independent homelands.
The Nords are the "leaders" of the Pact, as they started the war against the Empire in the time of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". They are fierce warriors and expert weapon masters. The Dark Elves have a gift for magic, and the Argonians are the best guerilla warriors in Tamriel. This combination of strength, magic and tactics, make the pact extremely powerful in combat.

The Nords. Leaders of the Pact.
The Nords once conquered most of Tamriel, and they still feel a certain entitlement to rule. At least over their homeland, Skyrim. They broke the power of the Ayleids, and nearly drove the High Elves out of High Rock. They conquered much of Resdayn, the precursor to Morrowind. The Nords are excellent with arms and very strong. They are natural-born warriors who fight with an ecstatic ferocity that terrifies most enemies.

The Dark Elfs. giftet with magic.
The Dark Elfs homeland, Morrowind, has been invaded by both the Akaviri and the Nords many times. This history of war, has transformed the Dunmer (Dark Elves) into warriors and users of destructive magic. They have a natural gift for magic and have great intellects, making them very skillful sorcerers and wizards.

The Argonians. Best guerrilla warriors in Tamriel.
The Argonians are possessed of a cool intellect, and are well-versed in the magical arts, stealth, and the use of blades. They are also guerilla warfare experts, long accustomed to defending their borders from invaders. They often serve as the scouts and skirmishers for the forces of the Pact.

The Aldmeri Dominion:
When the High Elves of Summerset heared that the Imperial City had fallen under the control of human supporters of Molag Bal, the Aldmeri Dominion was formed.  The High Elves contacted their neighboring races, the Wood Elves and the Khajiit, in hopes that the combined forces of these oldest races of Tamriel, might be able to save the world from the disastrous younger races. The power, wisdom and determination of the Aldmeri Dominion makes them a strong force.

The High Elves. The Original settlers of Tamriel, are wise and naturally gifted with magic.
The High Elves, aka. Altmer, came to Tamriel thousands of years ago from Aldmeris. They see themselves as the ruling race of Tamriel. They are a highly cultured people, known for their architecture, massive libraries, histories and creative works. They tend to isolate them selves on the Summerset Isle. They are powerful mages and warriors, and the leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion.

The Wood Elves. Living in the wild forests of Valenwood. They are supreme hunters and masters in sneaking and thievery. They are the best archers in all of Tamriel.
The Wood Elves, aka. Bosmer, are mischievous, curious and nimble. Their homeland, Valenwood, is often attacked by the Imperials, which have made them experts defenders. The capital of the Aldmeri Dominion, Elden Root, lies in the heart of their homeland. Elden Root has evolved into the center of political and cultural importance. It has vital strategic importance in the battle to control Tamriel.

The Khajiit. A proud race. Fearsome bladed warriors, and skilled traders.
The population of the Khajiit has fallen in recent years, because of the devastating outbreak of Knahaten Flu. They owe a great debt to Ayrenn, the Queen of the High Elves, for her help in restoring order after the plague. The Khajiit have great common sense and wit, with a hedonistic outlook. They are fearsome on the battle field, and as such, the physical strength of the Aldmeri Dominion.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Map of Tamriel:
Almost all of Tamriel will be playable in The Elder Scrolls Online. Each of the Provinces of Tamriel will be playable to some degree. Cyrodiil will however not be accessible before the character reaches level 10. 

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